Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Shooting Starberry Jelly

I have called this recipe shooting starberry jelly because in a moment of whimsy, I was playing around with raspberries and edible gold dust, enjoying the crocodile skin like effect when you gently smudge it over them... When I dropped these embellish fruit into my clear elderflower jelly, they left a little trail if gold dust, like a shooting star and kept quite a lot of their gilding.

I made it for my friend Theo's 
NYE party and the sparkling gold gave it a bit of New Year bling.

Here is the recipe that I used from Bompas and Parr with my added golden touch! It is super easy and delicious.

For 500ml mold

150 ml elderflower cordial
350ml water
5 leaves of gelatin
125g raspberries and blueberries (or your mix of choice)
Edible gold dust (available at big Waitrose and elsewhere)

First rinse your berries and allow them to dry.

Next, mix the elderflower cordial and water on a jug. Then cut up the gelatine and submerged completely with the elderflower mix in a pyrex /heatproof glass bowl and leave for 10 minutes.

Next place the bowl with the gelatin over a small pan of simmering water and allow the gelatin to dissolve completely.

Now pour the rest of the elderflower over it, stir, and pass the whole mix through a sieve back into the jug.

Now take a spoon of the gold dust, dip your finger in it and gently smudge it over your raspberries. The blueberries don't really need it.

Now you can begin filling the mold. The berries float to the top, so to have them running through, you have to do it in stages. First fill it 1/3 full and place some of the berries in it, place in the fridge to cool until quite set.

Meanwhile keep the remaining mix at room temperature and repeat the above stage until you have used all the berries and mix.

If by any chance your remaining mix should set in the room (this is unlikely but possible if its a very cold day) you can melt it again by transferring it to a heatproof bowl and placing over a pan of simmering water.

One of Theo's... still not sure why we were all in the bath...