Hi, Elle here. I'm Flo's big sister (though sadly, I'm now a fair bit shorter). 

Flo and I are proud to have grown up in NW5, bang in the middle of Kentish Town and Highgate. Since then, I've lived all over London from Herne Hill to Shepherd's Bush, to Chalk Farm, to Mayfair and now back to Kentish Town where I've settled. 

It feels great to be back in NW5 again - close enough to home for comfort is probably the best way to describe this. Flo is a little more of a home bird and has mainly lived NW5wards, with an 8 month stint in Kensington. On my London travels I've worked in bars, in Camden market, as a podium dancer (what? who said that? shhh) and now find myself in advertising whilst Flo has worked as an interior design assistant, as a chef, has learnt ballroom dancing and is now in retail strategy consulting. Between us we've pretty much covered what London had to offer and are loving what it has to offer now.

Whist we were growing up, we embarked on a lot of projects together. As one gets older and enters into what might be jokingly called adulthood, these things can easily get forgotten or lost so we've decided to not let that be. This is our first grown-up endeavour together, one which we hope to turn into other things for you and with you... whoever you are.

Our blog is not primarily a money maker. The only source of income we have from it comes from using an affiliate group (in non nerdy terms, that means that we get a fraction of the cost of some of the things we recommend, if you click straight through to them from our site to pick them up). Mainly we write for our own enjoyment and for the love of sharing that enjoyment with you.

We hope you enjoy our recipes, recommendations and the rest. 

Get in touch if you'd like to know more. Otherwise, thank you for reading us.