Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Coming out on Friday?


So technically I shouldn't be blogging about this, what with not fitting the desired audience profile (sorry HCL). But I am. HCL AKA Hard Cock Life is the most fun I've had in ages whist gyrating in a small dark room surrounded by other people's sweaty bodies.

The gay club night with a difference (they only play hip hop) launched last year, made Time Out's Cool list 2013 and pin-balled around the London underground in a very short space of time. I went to the last one they held and have been waiting to tell you lovely people about it until I could also tell you when and where the next one was (only fair right?). 
This Friday HCL is doing a collab with Super Electric Party Machine at East Block on City Road. This is what the night has in store for you.

You can follow all future HCL happenings here. Just remember to wash the stamp off your bodies with a scourer or there'll be some awkward questions to answer the next day.