Thursday, 21 February 2013

Elle's Review: Flat Iron

...and the one dish wonders continue. This time with Flat Iron, Beak Street's latest. On the menu:

Steak (cooked as you like)
Chips fried in dripping
Green salad in a tiny, tiny glass
Bearnaise, peppercorn or Bill's sauce
C'est tout!

Dripping popcorn to whet your appetite as you decide on your order (though if that takes long, you must have had one too many pre-dinner cocktails. It's pretty much steak, or... steak.)

I used to live very close to Le Relais de Venise in Marylebone, so I'm no stranger to a menu tha only has serves "steak, frite et salade". I have to say, I prefer the secret sauce served at Le Relais (and, of course, the second helpings). However everything else about Flat Iron is infitintely superior, starting with the price. 

There's a lot to be said for £10 steak and salad especially when it's so darn good, the service is so wonderfully friendly (expect typical Parisian service at Le Relais - ouch!) and the wine so well selected and priced. 

The other wonderful thing about flat Iron is that it's not novelty. It's good quality, healthy (ish... in the grand scheme of recent openings) food that you can come back to again and again. Once the hype has died down, it's a pretty fast fix before your night out and the cocktail bar upstairs is fantastic. Much like Duck and Waffle, it'll have people coming back, not just bubble-dogging it down there to tick a box, tweet-boast and buy the metaphorical T-shirt.