Thursday, 6 March 2014


Toast to Argentina!
Hello. Sorry for the long silence, I have been a very busy bee preparing everything for my 3 week holiday in Argentina - very exciting! 

If Argentina is on your hit list too, now is a fantastic time to go: at the beginning of the month the Argentinian peso fell by 17% making everything a whole lot cheaper and opening up the gates for tourists such as myself.   

100 pesos for us is now the equivalent of £5 with the 'blue rate'*

This news changed the course of our trip since we were able to afford a load of internal flights and explore some of the more remote areas of Argentina. With our dear friends Aerolineas Argentineas, were able to book our 5 flights for a mere £500. 

This is what our journey actually looks like on a map:

And this is what I plan to do:

Patagonia: long walks and horse riding in El Chalten and watching the Perito Moreno glacier melt

Iguazu: Exploring the waterfalls and jungle

Salta: Wine tasting in Cafayate and carnival in Tilcara

Buenos Aires: our base, good food and tango

I will be writing up each of these shortly ... watch this space!

* just a quick note - taking advantage of the current economy is a little bit complicated. See the Guardian article here, and take note of Azimo - an alternative money exchanging facility.