Monday, 25 November 2013

Quick Review: Oyster Shed in Waterloo

This place may be a little corporate in crowd and a little contrived in design...but it does what is says on the tin, and I like that tin! The oysters are very good and the Prosecco perfectly palatable. Just the thing for a casual after work bite to eat. The oysters only come in one variety and you can have them either raw (alive!) or baked with cheese. I personally like them fresh since when baked they get a really strong fishy flavor.

What seals the deal is the scenic Thames view and reasonable prices. While not spectacular, the rest of the pan-Mediterranean menu does the job if you are particularly hungry.

In summary, I wouldn't say that Oyster Shed warrants a journey, unless you have an insatiable craving for oysters (I sympathise, honestly!) but it is a pretty good thing to have up your sleeve when the time and place are right.