Friday, 11 October 2013

One for the boys: Wolsey

When out and about shopping I often feel sorry for men - restricted to a few set silhouettes, the high streets offering often feels tired and formulaic, like a half formed after thought. A new kid on the block has got me very, very jealous. Wintertime knits that have the quality and detail of something your great grandmother might have made but a contemporary, aspirational feel... I am praying for  a women's capsule collection...

Wolsey, the brand in question, first set up shop in Leicester 1755 (see timeline here) and opened its London flagship in March 2013. With an extensive pedigree, supplying underwear to arctic explorers and receiving a royal warrant in 1935, it is now gracing London with its presence. Tucked between a few trendy boutiques on Brewer street, it's stripped back, utilitarian chic shop fits right in but is free of any of the associated pretensions. The down to earth vibe comes from their friendly and knowledgeable shop assistant, fantastic quality and value (trousers around £100, shirts £90 and jumpers £100-£150). Although this is not exactly cheap, when you see and feel the quality it is clear that everything is built to last. 

What has got excited is their sumptuously textured knits and refreshingly subtle but unusual palette. That along with the fact that their tailoring seems spot on and it's great to be proud of a British business. Here are a few of my favourite pieces:

Clockwise from top left: Deep cordovan crew neck, £150; Adam's chunky crew neck, £199; Midnight navy panno double breasted peacoat, £395; wool colour blocked sock, £18; Elgin long sleeve cotton flannel checked shirt with contrast trim, £89; forest green plaid arami wool jacket, £445

They have some stuff in store that isn't online and it is worth checking out their discounted online outlet too.