Friday, 12 July 2013

The Grain Store

The Grain Store is the newest addition to Kings Cross's latest gastro bevvy fest overlooking Granary Square. By far the best new London opening I've been to this year, in a gorgeous setting and a relaxed environment. Book now before it fills up.

The first thing I noticed (naturally) was the cocktail list. Sergio - the head bar tender is ex Riding House Cafe. He makes his own spirits, is a master of his art and will recommend you a drink you actually want to drink. I was very overexcited to see an entire list dedicated to savoury drinks - these being my favourite kind. Overwhelmed by choice, where I'm usually drawn to one thing or just order a dirty gin martini - I decided that i'd have to try a few... I started out with the Toasted butter and hay champagne and immediately fell in love. My partner in crime chose the Campari and Grapefruit Spritz which was also a gorgeous summery drink - a little sweeter, but just as subtle.

Grain Store has two types of bread for you to choose from before you begin. I don't usually go in for pre-dinner bread as I find it ruins my appetite, but in this instance could not resist the sound of onion baked bread with creme fraiche butter. So good.

We asked whether we could move to a table outside for the main course, which was smoothly arranged to our surprise. The view onto children playing in Granary Square added to the relaxed atmosphere from inside. By this point, we were both blissing out. Then the starters arrived. Likelihood is you've never tried prawn falafel before - neither had we - probably, because Grain Store invented it. These balls of loveliness coated in sesame seeds set a high standard. The chicken skins on quioa were equally delicious and light. My advice would be to order a few things as you won't walk away holding your belly - the food is healthy (mostly) and subtly flavoured, complemented by the drinks.

For main courses, we opted for sticky pork belly with blackened baked corn in molasses... yum, and blackened quail on a pistachio and green bean salad. The pictures can speak for themselves.

Grain Store have also concepted a secret 5 course menu as part of what (I'm sure) they'll fast become famous for. Being stickler for quality and not knowing what I was in for, I didn't order it this time around but would immediately opt to put my tastebuds in their safe hands next time around. 

Of course at the end, I had to come back to the cocktail list for pud... it's not every day drinks this good are on tap. This Milky Velvet is like everything good about drinking champagne with everything good about drinking Guinness. You'll either get that or you won't but if you're anything like me, this is heaven.